Who is Integrated Quality Consultants (IQC)?

IQC is a diversified Third Party Inspection group providing its clientele with a vast array of knowledge. Familiar with the most widely used Premium Threaded Products and all API Tubular connections, we provide the client with the experience needed to reach the deepest reservoirs on the planet. Not only can we provide superior thread representation for your well-site, we can also provide you cost savings by performing the connection inspections prior to shipment to the field. This process has saved our clients countless dollars, providing less lay downs and down time due to inferior connections reaching the well site.

About IQC

This goes double for work-strings being rented for minimal field use. How many times have you received a work-string, used it and returned it only to have extra cost involved to repair it upon return to the vendor. Our Field Service Technicians can assure you only receive tubing with prime connections prior to shipment to your well-site. By performing a visual inspection prior to shipment, you remove the hidden factor of shipping previously damaged material to your site, thus minimizing the possibility of false accusations that the materials were damaged by negligence during its use. To further assist the client, we'll provide you the Field Service Technicians to assist the running of connections down-hole. Whether your needs are in-house or well-site specific, IQC can provide the expertise needed to complete your well with confidence.

IQC is also well versed in the Non-Destructive Testing field for Equipment and Tubular Products. About IQC Familiar with the latest NDE inspection techniques and fully automated systems, such as the new Phased Array Ultrasonic systems now embracing the market. Our highly qualified personnel are the clients eyes and ears when having their product inspected.About IQC Detailed Project Management evolves around the individuals utilized for the processes being performed. Familiar with product & material requirements, we assure that only the required heats of materials are collected for your project. Interfacing with the various vendors involved to keep your material moving through the process & focusing on delivery of a Prime Final Product. We provide you with any amount of assistance you require, from general Third Party Inspection to complete Project Management allowing you to focus on other operations.